Children’s Prescription Sports Glasses

Children’s Prescription Sports Glasses

The importance of children’s prescription sports glasses by way of sports goggles and glasses has become an important subject matter in the sports sciences.  It has been found that many athletes engaged in sports ranging from basketball to swimming are at risk of developing impaired vision as a result of ocular injury.  In the United States they have carried out a study and it’s estimated that some 40,000 eye injuries take place due to sport or related recreational activities, injuries that are considered largely preventable with adequate protective measures (University of Illinois, 2014). And there is more choice than you mite think, take a look at what’s on the market.

In the United States, eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness among school aged children engaged in sport (National Eye Institute, 2014).  This highlights the importance of eye safety in a sports environment especially seeing as sports continue to remain an important part of childhood development with even potential career paths in the future.

The current and very much growing body of sports medicine research is strongly highlighting the serious risks of vision impairment among athletes and those engaged in recreational sport.  Children are one of the highest risk sub-categories in this group.  The same body of evidence also supports the assertion that most of these injuries — in the range of 90% – are very much preventable and that sport-appropriate protective eyewear is an essential cornerstone of a good prevention strategy.  This makes an excellent case for a proactive attitude towards children’s sports glasses and goggles; having the appropriate protective eyewear at a young age is known to reduce risks of permanent long-term eye damage from sport, both professional and recreational.

Ocular damage is very much a preventable issue, even though it can be a high-risk factor in a country where football is at peak popularity (Filipe, 2004). When it comes to impact resistance, a well constructed pair of goggles made from polycarbonate is known to be ten times more impact resistant than standard plastic and this in itself presents a substantial leap and scientific advancement for eye protection in all manner of sports that pose injury risks (Vinger, 1980).  Some estimates put the protective and preventative potential of protective eyewear at a highly substantial 90% mark (Moorfields Hospital, 2014).

You need the right type of prescription glasses or goggles. The frame will need the mechanical strength of an industrial pair of safety glasses. The prescription lenses will need to be made from an high impact material.

N.B. All that said purchasing children’s prescription sports glasses on the internet must be sold in accordance with UK Law. The Opticians Act 1989 section 27(1)(b) and 27(2)(a) prohibits the direct selling of prescription eyewear to anyone under the age of 16 without it being dispensed in the presence of registered optician.

To comply with the law regarding the sale of prescription eyewear to anyone under 16 years. We require the customer to nominate (enter as the delivery address) an optician. We will post the completed eyewear to the said opticians were they can be checked for vision, size and fit. Once you have received the confirmation email that the goods have been shipped allow a couple of days in the post and go along with your child and collect your eyewear.

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